Agrobyte smart greenhouse

Your personal assistant in greenhouse production

How does Agrobyte Smart Greenhouse work?

Our smart greenhouse follows the relevant parameters for your crop growth, day and night.

Conditions such as temperature, moisture, ph values of the soil, levels of CO2 and light intensity very often mean the difference between a mediocre and a great harvest, and we’re here to make sure it turns out just how you want it.

Smart system monitors your plant development, and, based on the individual crop’s stage and needs, adjust the microclimate conditions.
It automatically engages cooling, heating, ventilation systems, opens doors and windows, turns on the light, regulates moisture and even CO2 levels in the greenhouse.

Our system serves as your 24/7 personal assistant. It even advises you on actions to further optimize your greenhouse production!

Plus tablet device

What does Agrobyte bring to you?

We improve your harvest, boost yields and help you deliver a higher quality, better tasting produce.
At the same time, Agrobyte Smart Greenhouses also reduce the costs of production!

Our smart system reduces or entirely eliminates the need for pesticide usage and allows you to create a more massive production of completely organic products.

What does the system consist of?

Each Agrobyte Smart Greenhouse uses multiple sensors as its eyes and ears (and nose). If there is a drop in temperature or moisture, one of the sensors picks up on it and sends it to the brain, the control unit. The control unit quickly adjusts any factors that might be of importance to your crops.
The control unit can also be connected to systems for irrigation, nutrition and ventilation, which means less human labor in the fields, lower production costs and, most importantly, more peace of mind.

The control unit functions in challenging weather conditions and can work on batteries or renewable energy sources. When you have an internet connection, we provide you with insights into the conditions inside of the greenhouse, as well remote control of factors such as cooling, heating and dispersion systems.

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