Who we are

Smart agriculture solves the question of our future

We’re a tech startup that believes in the future of smart agriculture.  We develop innovative solutions in the area of digitalization and automation of agricultural production processes. The company was founded in 2019 in Serbia, and has received its first incentive for the development of smart systems for automation of agricultural production from the Republic of Serbia Innovation Fund.

We have developed a prototype of a SMART GREENHOUSE which automatically controls microclimate in indoor production structures without the need for human engagement in this process.


Our mission is to provide greenhouse producers a way to increase the quality of harvest, to boost yields and improve chances for product placement by using Agrobyte Smart System for automatic microclimate control in the greenhouse.


Our vision is to create Smart Systems for automation of agricultural production in protected and open spaces available to everyone and make agricultural praxis more efficient, precise and ecologically responsible by using IoT and AI technologies.

Who is behind the startup Agrobyte?

The team behind Agrobyte consists of professionals with extended experience in the area of digitalization and agricultural production process automation.

Bringing academics, agronomists, economists, marketers & hardcore engineers together creates amazing things – Smart Things.

Our partners:

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