Agrobyte Smart Greenhouse Solution

Automated microclimate control and real time tracking of crops development in your greenhouse.

What we do

We develop and implement smart systems for automated agricultural production process management in indoor production structures – Smart Greenhouses.

We had a vision of a smart greenhouse that maintains an optimal microclimate for every individual crop cultivated in it completely automatically – without the need for human intervention in this process.

Thus we built our Agrobyte Smart Solution to make that vision a reality.


We see the challenges that global mass food production presents to producers and we want to help.

How do we help, you ask? 

By creating the Agrobyte Smart Greenhouse which completely regulates the microclimate of your indoor growing structure.

So what does that mean?

Cooling. Heating. Ventilation systems. All regulated fully automatically.

The temperature suddenly rose outside? No problem, our smart greenhouse can also open windows, doors and turn the lights on.

Is that all?

No it also regulates moisture and CO2 levels to make sure your crops have precisely what they need in every stage of plant development.

What kind of results can I expect?

Agrobyte smart system helps boost yields by up to 40%

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